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Fun in Kindergarten and Class 1 as well as being the perfect craft tool for the Class 4 Steiner Curriculum when the Vikings are studied. A braiding fork or knitting...
Organic Plant Dyed Wool Felt - 6 Sheets-Felting-Filges--Stardust-Store

Organic Plant Dyed Wool Felt - 6 Sheets

This plant-dyed wool felt is 100% organic from sheep organically raised. It is durable and suitable for all felting projects. Each sheet measures 20cm x 15cm and is 1mm thick....
Starting Set for Dry Felting-Needlecraft Kits-Filges--Stardust-Store

Starting Set for Dry Felting

Create pictures, delicate figurines, butterflies and more with this fine, longer combed fiber. Use for wet or dry (needle) felting. Kit includes:• 100 grams plant-dyed fairy tale wool batting in...