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Japanese Silk Paper Rainbow Coloured - Small-Silk Paper-Mercurius-240 Sheets-Stardust-Store

Japanese Silk Paper

$7.00 – $31.00
Japanese Silk Tissue Paper is a coloured easy to handle transparent paper used for making transparent window stars, window decorations, lanterns and seasonal window scenes. Finer and lighter weight than...
Beeswax Stick Crayon - Gold & Silver-Crayons-Stockmar-Gold-Stardust-Store

Beeswax Stick Crayon - Gold & Silver

Stockmar Wax Crayons. Everyone has heard of Stockmar Wax Crayons. It is no surprise. They meet the highest educational, aesthetic and artistic demands.   Elegant design with an attractive packaging...


Wooden Spirograph Set, a masterpiece of creativity. Crafted from natural wood, it sparks endless imaginative patterns, fostering artistic exploration in children and adults alike. Elevate playtime with this eco-friendly, mesmerizing...
Flyde Paper Light Boat-Seasonal & Holiday Decorations-Jurianne Matter-8718692200715-Stardust-Store

Flyde Paper Light Boat

An enchanting spectacle: a small, illuminated boat finding it’s way across the dark water. Taking your wishes and thoughts away in the flow. A gift for all loved ones who...
Lyra Wooden Pencil Sharpener - Single Hole-Pencil Sharpeners-Lyra-4084900410615-Stardust-Store

Wooden Pencil Sharpener - Single Hole

Wooden sharpener to sharpen standard sized pencils. A real essential for small artist, daycares or schools. Great sustainable gift for in children's party bags Natural finish made from Beechwood Brand: Lyra
Wooden Kitchen Scoop

Wooden Kitchen Scoop

Wooden scoop for sensory play or in the play kitchen.   Brand: Glückskäfer Size 14 cm Age 3+
Tijana Draws Soul Place - Foldable Card-Tijana Draws--Stardust-Store

Soul Place

$5.00 – $37.00
Magic postcards and prints illustrated by Tijana Draws. Nice to give to a (new) mama, nature lover or display in a nice frame in your house.   Details Foldable Card: High...
Glass Paint Jar - 50 ml-Paint Tools-Mercurius--Stardust-Store

Glass Paint Jar - 50 ml

Jar for Watercolours - 50 ml.A practical jar for watercolours. Left-over colours can be kept in the jar. The lid keeps the colours fresh for many days and they do...
Adhesive Sticky Wax-Candles & Candle Making-Stockmar-4019365560001-Single Roll-Stardust-Store

Adhesive Sticky Wax

$2.00 – $19.00
Sticky wax is perfect for affixing candles and wax ornaments to wood metal porcelain and glass. One roll is enough for approx. 12-15 medium sized candles. Recommended for use in...

Birthday Candle - Rainbow Diagonal Stripe

Light up your special day with thisfun birthday candle! With a cheerful rainbow design, it'll brighten up any birthday cake. Plus, it fits perfectly into the Glückskäfer Wooden Birthday Ring. For safety reasons we...
Budding Buddies

Budding Buddies

Budding Buddies postcard illustrated Bijdehansje.  Bijdehansje's cards have unique designs. Nice to send with a personal wish or greeting to someone else, but also beautiful on the seasonal table. The cards...
Modeling Beeswax - Individual-Clay & Modeling Dough-Stockmar-Carmine Red-Stardust-Store

Modeling Beeswax - Individual

Stockmar Modeling Beeswax is a natural modeling material offering 15 luminous and blendable colours. It is clean to use non-crumbly non-toxic and reusable. Easily softened by the warmth of the hands...