Welcome to Stardust Store!

Stardust is a small, Waldorf-inspired haven run by a dedicated mother and her 9-year-old daughter. Our mission is to bring joy and sustainability into the lives of children and their families through thoughtfully selected products.

Every item has been handpicked with care and love, ensuring they align with our values of sustainability and quality. Our curated collection includes:

Sustainable Children's Clothes
Wooden Toys
Books, Crafts, Lifestyle and more.

Lots of love,

Paper Oak Tree-Seasonal & Holiday Decorations-Jurianne Matter-8718692200708-Stardust-Store

Paper Oak Tree

Fir Tree DIY-Seasonal & Holiday Decorations-Jurianne Matter-8718692200685-Stardust-Store

Fir Tree DIY

Paper Cypress Tree-Seasonal & Holiday Decorations-Jurianne Matter-8718692200692-Stardust-Store

Paper Cypress Tree