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Petals Platform-Toys-Grapat-8436580871471-Stardust-Store

Petals Platform

24 flat plywooden pieces in the shape of flower petals. Perfect unstructured material that lends itself to different open-ended play activities. They can be used as platforms for free construction...
Nins Dark Cold x 3-Toys-Grapat-8436580870665-Stardust-Store

Nins Dark Cold

Three beautifully simple Grapat Nins in dark timber and cool colours (blue, green, purple) for imaginary play.  Children will use them in so many ways including creating small worlds and...
Nins of the Forest-Toys-Grapat-8436580870184-Stardust-Store

Nins of the Forest

The Nins of the forest is a toy which can be used as a symbolic game, to create stories and small worlds. However, combined with other elements, they can be...
Bowls & Acorns-Grapat-8436580870085-Stardust-Store

Bowls & Acorns

This set of wooden bowls and acorns from Grapat in rainbow colours, compels children to sort  and collate. The activity of moving these small acorn shapes, firstly with their fingers...
Mandala Pineapples-Toys-Grapat-8436580871327-Stardust-Store

Mandala Pineapples

The Grapat Mandala Pineapples set is a superbly versatile, open ended, loose parts wooden toy and the possibilities of use are so exciting! Designed in order to create a unique...
18 Sticks (Palos)-Toys-Grapat-8436580870603-Stardust-Store

18 Sticks (Palos)

Brand: Grapat Age 1+


Grapat Yay! Grapat’s natural Yay! are beautifully simple, three organic shaped wooden figures, reflecting the beauty of nature coloured in red/pink tones. The perfect size for little hands to grasp...
6 Cups with Lid - Rainbow-Toys-Grapat-8436580870214-Stardust-Store

6 Cups with Lid - Rainbow

These Six Grapat wooden Cups in 6 vibrant colours, invite children to experience and learn through play. Open ended toys allow children to use their imagination and awaken their enquiring nature,...
Storage Box

Storage Box

Grapat Storage Box. According to Reggio Emilia, order and beauty are fundamental because when material is organised it invites and generates moments of quality play. This little compartment contain and...
Seasons Autumn-Toys-Grapat-8436580870269-Stardust-Store

Seasons Autumn

Grapat Seasons Autumn set contains 27 carefully collated wooden pieces with reference to the colours and sentiment of Autumn Each set is made up of 4 different shaped elements that...


The Grapat wooden Insects are small wooden elements with an undefined shape, allowing children the space to imagine small creatures and animals as they please. This symbolic set of 18...


The Grapat set of 18 Brots®  are handcrafted from solid wood, featuring 6 colours each in 3 varying shades. These beautiful open ended wooden pieces are a lovely variation on the...