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Trauffer King Kaspar (Edition 1938)-Figurines-Trauffer-7640146517173-Stardust-Store

King Kaspar (Edition 1938)

In 1938, Alfred Trauffer, the grandfather of the current owner of Trauffer Holzspielwaren, founded his company with such artistic craftsmanship. The “Edition 1938” and “Pro Specie Rara” collections are still...
Water trough-Figurines-Trauffer-7640146511904-Stardust-Store

Water trough

Little things make life colorful! That is why there are pretty, small accessories such as sleds, straw bales and milk cans, trees, ladders and much more for the stables, animals...
Trauffer Angel - Small-Figurines-Trauffer-7640146512185-Stardust-Store

Angel - Small

All figures are handcrafted in the Swiss Alps. Made from certified FSC linden wood from sustainable Swiss sources and with colors that are completely safe for children. The animalsare made...
DIY Candle Rolling Kit - Beeswax Honeycomb Sheets + Candlewick

DIY Candle Rolling Kit - Beeswax Honeycomb Sheets + Candlewick

Create the perfect candle with these beeswax honeycomb sheets and candlewick.
Rainbow Kite Paper 100 Sheets-Art & Craft Paper-Mercurius-8717718135307-Small-Stardust-Store

Rainbow Kite Paper 100 Sheets

$12.00 – $21.00
Very sturdy wax paper in bright colours. Traditional used for kite making. Also suitable for many other craft ideas, such as window decorations, transparencies, folding stars and lantern making. Due to...
Japanese Silk Paper Rainbow Coloured - Small-Silk Paper-Mercurius-240 Sheets-Stardust-Store

Japanese Silk Paper

$8.00 – $37.00
Japanese Silk Tissue Paper is a coloured easy to handle transparent paper used for making transparent window stars, window decorations, lanterns and seasonal window scenes. Finer and lighter weight than...
Beeswax Stick Crayon - Gold & Silver-Crayons-Stockmar-Gold-Stardust-Store

Beeswax Stick Crayon - Gold & Silver

Stockmar Wax Crayons. Everyone has heard of Stockmar Wax Crayons. It is no surprise. They meet the highest educational, aesthetic and artistic demands.   Elegant design with an attractive packaging...
Children of the Forest - Colouring Book-Drawing & Painting Paper-Hjelms-9789185275304-Stardust-Store

Colouring Book - Children of the Forest

Colouring book with 16 colouring pages.Beautiful drawings by Elsa Beskow to color with your favourite pencils or crayons.The colouring book matches the book Children of the Forest  
12 Beeswax Block Crayons-Crayons-Stockmar-4019365342003-Stardust-Store

12 Beeswax Block Crayons

Stockmar 12 Beeswax Block Crayons - A Colorful Delight for Your Creative Journey! Introduce your child to the world of colors with the Stockmar 12 Beeswax Block Crayons Set -...


Create your own farm, jungle or ocean with the Holztiger wooden figures.   And when the children are done playing? Then the figures also look very nice on the shelves...
Beeswax Block Crayon - Gold & Silver-Crayons-Stockmar-Gold-Stardust-Store

Beeswax Block Crayon - Gold & Silver

Stockmar Wax Blocks.   The Wax Blocks, which are made from the same materials and available in identical colours to the crayons, have outstanding drawing properties and appeal to the...
Autumn by Eva-Maria Ott-Heidmann - Wordless Book-Board Book-Eva-Maria Ott-Heidmann-9783825170103-Stardust-Store

Autumn by Eva-Maria Ott-Heidmann - Wordless Book

Autumn by Eva-Maria Ott-Heidmann. A Colorful Adventure for Little Ones! Let the magic of autumn come alive for your little ones with the charming Autumn Book.  Filled with vibrant colors...