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Amber Baby & Toddler Necklace-Jewellery-Amber-Cognag-Stardust-Store

Amber Baby & Toddler Necklace

Amber necklaces can help with your baby's teething. Amber is a natural product which can have a healing effect when it comes into contact with the skin. The heat from the skin...
Nappy Cover-Nappy Cover-Alwero-5906720649244-Natural-Stardust-Store

Nappy Cover

How cute is this nappy bag from Alwero? Very handy to take a number of diapers and baby wipes with you on the go. Also great to give as a maternity gift....
Baby Teething Powder - 60g-Pacifiers & Teethers-Weleda-9416114001368-Stardust-Store

Baby Teething Powder - 60g

Baby Teething Powder combines homoeopathic ingredients, traditionally used in anthroposophic and homoeopathic medicine, to help relieve the discomfort and restlessness of teething in babies and children.   Description Teething can...
Training Toothbrush-Toothbrushes-Mushie-810052465364-Shifting Sand-Stardust-Store

Training Toothbrush

Help brushing go smoothly and begin building good habits with these 100% BPA-free, chemical-free finger toothbrushes!  Conveniently packaged in twos (one for baby to hold and one for parent to...
Baby & Toddler Bracelet - Amber-Bracelets-Amber-Cognac • Lapis Lazuli-Stardust-Store

Baby & Toddler Bracelet - Amber

Amber bracelets can help with your baby's teething. Amber is a natural product which can have a healing effect when it comes into contact with the skin. The heat from the skin...
Pacifier Dummy Case-Pacifier Clips & Holders-Mushie-810052461328-Shifting Sand-Stardust-Store

Pacifier Dummy Case

Comfort is always within reach with a mushie pacifier case, equipped with a sturdy strap and room to fit up to three pacifiers. The pacifier case can be easily looped...
Children's Tooth Gel - 50 ml-Toothpaste-Weleda-4001638081863-Stardust-Store

Children's Tooth Gel - 50 ml

Natural care for children’s sensitive milk teeth   Get your children into good toothcare habits with our pleasant-tasting non-fluoride toothpaste – especially for first teeth.   Description Natural care for...
Citrus Deodorant 100 ml-Body Care-Weleda-4001638097079-Stardust-Store

Citrus Deodorant 100 ml

The formulation with all-natural essential oils inhibits body odour   You want to work with your body, not against it, so spritz on essential citrus oils and feel good about...
Weleda Arnica Pilules - Granules 30g-First Aid-Weleda-9416114060013-Stardust-Store

Weleda Arnica Pilules - Granules 30g

Traditionally used in homoeopathic medicine to help relieve aches and pains of bruising and minor injuries after knocks and falls, and soreness after overexertion, for example after exercise.   Description...
Nursing Tea - 20 Tea Bags-Tea & Infusions-Weleda-4001638095136-Stardust-Store

Nursing Tea - 20 Tea Bags

Delicious organic herbal tea mixture for breastfeeding mothers   Enjoy peaceful and relaxing feeding times with your baby, thanks to our delicious tea - especially developed together with midwives and...
Sage Deodorant 100 ml-Body Care-Weleda-4001638099271-Stardust-Store

Sage Deodorant 100 ml

Aromatic freshness and long-lasting protection   Sage, rosemary and thyme essential oils for everyone’s fresh body – his, hers, yours. No aluminium, no synthetics, no worries, just fresh!   Description...
Burns & Bites Cooling Gel - 36ml-First Aid-Weleda-9416114003058-Stardust-Store

Burns & Bites Cooling Gel - 36ml

For burns, sunburn and insect bites   Natural, cooling herbal gel to relieve pain and promote healing of minor burns, sunburn, soothes itchy bites, skin rashes.   Description A cooling...
Calendula Face Cream - 50ml-Baby Care-Weleda-4001638096614-Stardust-Store

Calendula Face Cream - 50ml

Gentle protection and moisture for baby’s exposed skin   Help baby skin learn its natural protective function with a little guidance from nature. Gentle cream leaves baby faces velvet-soft.  ...
Aroma Body Wash - Relax 200ml-Body Care-Weleda-7611916160776-Stardust-Store

Aroma Body Wash - Relax 200ml

Relax Aroma Shower is a relaxing and comforting blend that invites you to soothe your mind, bringing a feeling of pleasant tranquillity.   Step into serenity with the relaxing, 100%...
Tulsi Clarity Tea Organic Tea - 20 Sachets

Tulsi Clarity Tea Organic Tea - 20 Sachets

Good news for a beam of clarity and a joyful lift of spirits   Made with organic green, purple and lemon tulsi - also known as holy basil   A...
Amber Toddler Necklace - Butterscotch-Baby & Toddler Jewellery-Slobber Beads-080687425624-Stardust-Store

Amber Toddler Necklace - Butterscotch

Amber is a traditional European way of relieving teething pain. The bracelets and necklaces are made of fossilized tree resin. The warmth of the skin or sun increases the natural...
Arnica Cream 36 ml-First Aid-Weleda-9416114003010-Stardust-Store

Arnica Cream 36 ml

First Aid Pain relief for muscle aches, sprains and bruises Pain relief for muscles, aches, sprains and bruises.   Description A traditional herbal medicine for the family First Aid Kit...
Muslin Swaddle Blanket-Swaddling Blankets-Mushie-810052461335-Sun-Stardust-Store

Muslin Swaddle Blanket

Nap time just got so much more cozy with the Mushie muslin baby swaddle - ideal for swaddling, nursing, and cuddling your baby. The extra soft Mushie muslin swaddle is...
Fresh Start Organic Tea - 20 Sachets

Fresh Start Organic Tea - 20 Sachets

Awaken the senses with the uplifting fragrance of lemon.   An energising blend of lemongrass, whole lemon, lemon vana tulsi, sweet fennel and coriander.   The perfect complement to an...
Love Organic Tea - 20 Sachets-Tea & Infusions-Pukka-850835000115-Stardust-Store

Love Organic Tea - 20 Sachets

Good news for filling your heart with love   Made with organic chamomile, elderflower, lavender, licorice, limeflower and marigold   A tender touch of rose fills your heart. The soft...
Natruba Flower Rattle - Rose-Rattles-Natruba-710535560022-Stardust-Store

Natruba Flower Rattle - Rose

Your little one is now able to chew away on the elegant Natruba flower rattle collection. The Natruba rose rattle is easy to grip for small hands with different surfaces...
Hypercal Healing Cream - 36ml-First Aid-Weleda-9416114003119-Stardust-Store

Hypercal Healing Cream - 36ml

Soothes and heals painful cuts and wounds   A herbal cream with anti-inflammatory pain relief and wound healing properties. Supports the formation of healthy skin tissue and promotes skin repair....
Wooden Soother Chain - Stars and Moon-Pacifier Clips & Holders-Heimess-4011534337001-Stardust-Store

Wooden Soother Chain - Stars and Moon

Never lose a dummy again with this naturally wooden dummy chain.   Brand: Heimess Dimensions: 22.5 x 2.1 x 2.8 cm Material: Wood   HEIMESS nature fulfils the consumer's wish...
Amber Toddler Bracelet - Lemon-Baby & Toddler Jewellery-Slobber Beads-0793052183394-Stardust-Store

Amber Toddler Bracelet - Lemon

Amber is a traditional European way of relieving teething pain. The bracelets and necklaces are made of fossilized tree resin. The warmth of the skin or sun increases the natural...


Organic teas by Pukka, Amber bracelets and necklaces and anthroposophical skin care products by Weleda. 
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