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Bibi - Merino Wool Baby Blanket

Bibi - Merino Wool Baby Blanket

Blanket Bibi is a classic ajour blanket. Our bestseller!Because of the medium thickness, suited for all seasons.   Brand: HvidMaterial: 100 % extra fine Italian merinowool (oeko-tex,mulesing free).Size: 70 x 95 cmMade in...
Akira - Merino Wool Baby Blanket-Blankets-Hvid-5404027800042-Apricot-Stardust-Store

Akira - Merino Wool Baby Blanket

Thick blanket with subtle diagonal lines following the sides of the harlequin pattern in the middle of the throw.   Brand: HvidMaterial: 100 % supersoft merino wool Size: 70 x 95...
Teddy Tokki-Baby Soothers-Hvid-5404027800349-Otter-Stardust-Store

Teddy Tokki

Teddy Tokki is a supersoft teddybear, perfect for your newborn, or toddler. The ultrasoft merinowool takes the scent of your baby and creates peace and trust. you can put it...
Hvid Bonnet Dolly-Bonnet-Hvid-5404027800929-Apricot-0-3 Months-Stardust-Store
1-3 months4-12 Months

Bonnet Dolly

A bonnet made in 100% merinowool.  The bonnet is perfect to wear outside.  The knitting process is with a 3D machine, that means no seams.  The rib in the front...


Praised for a perfect fit on the heel. The lace ensures the booties stay on tiny babyfeet. Because of the moving of the feet of the baby, pilling will occur the first...
Hvid Titi Comforter-Hvid-5404027800851-Sand-Stardust-Store

Hvid Titi Comforter

This Titi pacifier holder is the perfect comforter for your little one.Made out of 100% merinowool, it gives your little one comfort and trust. Merino wool doesn't itch and is antibacterial...
Hvid Beanie Efa-Baby & Toddler Hats-Hvid-5404027801001-Apricot-1-2 Years-Stardust-Store
1-2 Years2-6 Years

Hvid Beanie Efa

Finally a beanie for the older kids! Wearable in 2 ways, ‘normal’ or roll it up! The beanie is made in a jersey stitch.   Brand: Hvid Material: 100 % extra fine...
Hvid Collar

Hvid Collar

A collar to brighten up your clothes. Closes with a push botton.The collar is made in a double layer of wool, so it also warms the neck.Can be used from baby...
Baby Cocoon - 100% Merino Wool-Baby & Toddler Sleepwear-Hvid-5404027800967-Sand-Stardust-Store

Baby Cocoon - 100% Merino Wool

Wrap your little one in this knitted cocoon. Keeps your baby cosy and warm.Can also be uses without the cap on, or leave the arms outside the cocoon. Merinowool doesn't itch...
Blanket Felix

Blanket Felix

Warm blanket in rib knit technique.This is a medium thick blanket, suits for everyone with the big range of colours. Brand: Hvid Material: 100 % extra fine Italian merinowool (oeko-tex,mulesing free). Size:  70...