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Beeswax Block Crayon - Gold & Silver-Crayons-Stockmar-Gold-Stardust-Store

Beeswax Block Crayon - Gold & Silver

Stockmar Wax Blocks.   The Wax Blocks, which are made from the same materials and available in identical colours to the crayons, have outstanding drawing properties and appeal to the...
Children of the Forest - Colouring Book-Drawing & Painting Paper-Hjelms-9789185275304-Stardust-Store

Colouring Book - Children of the Forest

Colouring book with 16 colouring pages.Beautiful drawings by Elsa Beskow to color with your favourite pencils or crayons.The colouring book matches the book Children of the Forest  
12 Beeswax Block Crayons-Crayons-Stockmar-4019365342003-Stardust-Store

12 Beeswax Block Crayons

Stockmar 12 Beeswax Block Crayons - A Colorful Delight for Your Creative Journey! Introduce your child to the world of colors with the Stockmar 12 Beeswax Block Crayons Set -...
Beeswax Stick Crayon - Gold & Silver-Crayons-Stockmar-Gold-Stardust-Store

Beeswax Stick Crayon - Gold & Silver

Stockmar Wax Crayons. Everyone has heard of Stockmar Wax Crayons. It is no surprise. They meet the highest educational, aesthetic and artistic demands.   Elegant design with an attractive packaging...
Astrid Lindgren's Tomten Tales by Astrid Lindgren-Picture Books-Books-9781782504610-Stardust-Store

Astrid Lindgren's Tomten Tales

On small silent feet, the Tomten tiptoes through the snow, keeping watch over the farm on chilly winter nights. One night, a cunning fox comes by. How will the Tomten...


Create your own farm, jungle or ocean with the Holztiger wooden figures.   And when the children are done playing? Then the figures also look very nice on the shelves...
Watercolour Paint Set-Art & Craft Paint-Stockmar-019365461001-Stardust-Store

Watercolour Paint Set

With this watercolour paint kit from Stockmar, you are sure your child will create beautiful art. The paint is of artist quality and has beautiful bright colors inspired by Goethe's color...
Tree of Life - Measuring Chart-Growth Charts-Eva-Maria Ott-Heidmann-9783825171575-Stardust-Store

Tree of Life - Measuring Chart

A lovingly designed measuring chart on which funny gnomes, dancing children and birds frolic around the tree of life. Easy to write on and foldable or rollable (to keep them...
Jumping Dolphin-Figurines-Holztiger-4013594801980-Stardust-Store

Jumping Dolphin

Create your own farm, jungle or ocean with the Holztiger wooden figures.    And when the children are done playing? Then the figures also look very nice on the shelves in the baby...
Bowls & Acorns-Grapat-8436580870085-Stardust-Store

Bowls & Acorns

This set of wooden bowls and acorns from Grapat in rainbow colours, compels children to sort  and collate. The activity of moving these small acorn shapes, firstly with their fingers...
Paint Circle Colours - 50 ml-Art & Craft Paint-Stockmar-4019365420510-51 red-Stardust-Store

Paint Circle Colours - 50 ml

Stockmar Watercolour Paints are known for their excellent clarity natural transparency light-resistance and scumbling properties. The colour range follows the extended version of Goethe's "Theory of Colours'. Each tone has...
Painting and Drawing Set-Drawing & Painting Kits-Stockmar-4019365771025-Stardust-Store

Painting and Drawing Set

A beautiful gift set for artists of any level. Includes: A Set of Stockmar Opaque Watercolour Paints A Tin of 18 Coloured plus 1 Graphite Hexagonal Artist Quality Drawing Pencils and...