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Autumn by Eva-Maria Ott-Heidmann - Wordless Book-Board Book-Eva-Maria Ott-Heidmann-9783825170103-Stardust-Store

Autumn by Eva-Maria Ott-Heidmann - Wordless Book

Autumn by Eva-Maria Ott-Heidmann. A Colorful Adventure for Little Ones! Let the magic of autumn come alive for your little ones with the charming Autumn Book.  Filled with vibrant colors...
Tûs Tiny Paper Houses-Seasonal & Holiday Decorations-Jurianne Matter-8718692200760-Stardust-Store

Tûs Tiny Paper Houses

TÛS is a village of 12 highly diverse houses: traditional, rural, cosy and old but also contemporary urban and modern. They are genuinely prefab: pre-punched, pre-creased and with windows that...
Tijana Draws Mabon Celebration - Foldable Card-Autumn - Winter Postcards-Tijana Draws--Stardust-Store

Mabon Celebration - Foldable Card

High quality foldable cards of the original gouache painting. Professionally printed in Belgium on 300gsm recycled paper in ~A6 format. Comes with a brown envelope made from the recycled paper....
Gabriela de Carvalho Gnome with Squirrel - Postcard-Autumn - Winter Postcards-Waldorf Postcards--Stardust-Store

Gabriela de Carvalho Gnome with Squirrel - Postcard

Postcard made by Garbriela de Carvalho. Nice to decorate the seasonal table, in a frame and to post by mail.   Brand: Gabriela de Carvalho Dimensions: 10.5 x 15 cm
Elsa Beskow - Four Wooden Puzzles in Box-Wooden & Pegged Puzzles-Hjelms-7312880253791-Stardust-Store

Four Wooden Puzzles in Box - Seasons

A delightful set of 4 puzzles that combines the enchantment of Elsa Beskow's illustrations with the joy of solving puzzles. Crafted with love and attention to detail, this box is a...
Tijana Draws Martinmas-Autumn - Winter Postcards-Tijana Draws-Foldable Card-Stardust-Store


$5.00 – $43.00
Magic postcards and prints illustrated by Tijana Draws. Nice to give to a (new) mama, nature lover or display in a nice frame in your house.   Details Foldable Card: High...
Beeswax Birthday Candles - Individual-Birthday Candles-Dipam--Stardust-Store

Beeswax Birthday Candles - Individual

A favourite as a central birthday cake candle and perfect for our birthday rings. Enjoy the natural beeswax fragrance as they burn and bring a little summer sunlight into your...
Mili Weber Mushroom Circle - Postcard-Spring - Summer Postcards-Waldorf Postcards-7640139710017-Stardust-Store

Mili Weber Mushroom Circle - Postcard

Postcards with illustrations by Mili Weber.   Nice to gift or mail with a personal wish or greeting to someone else, but also beautiful on the seasonal table. The cards...
Beeswax Dipping Candle Making Kit-Candle Making Kits-Dipam-8716726001420-Stardust-Store

Beeswax Dipping Candle Making Kit

Everything you need to have fun making beeswax candles. The kit contains: 600g of golden 100% natural beeswax granules Wick Lengths of 3 different thicknesses and a dipping tin. opHow to...
Paper Oak Tree-Seasonal & Holiday Decorations-Jurianne Matter-8718692200708-Stardust-Store

Paper Oak Tree

Build your own tree! The dark ochre-coloured oak with its delicate scattered pattern serves as lovely accent in a minimalist and natural interior.   Construct this 20.5 cm tall paper...
Dorothea Schmidt Autumn - Postcard-Autumn - Winter Postcards-Waldorf Postcards-4251055437150-Stardust-Store

Dorothea Schmidt Autumn - Postcard

Beautifully illustrated cards by Dorothea Schmidt. A lovely addition to the nature / seasonal table, to decorate your home, use as a postcard or to just give as a gift....


There is no better place to have fun than in the forest. Hiding behind the leaves, climbing trees and meeting lots of friends - it's fun! The forest animals from...