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Stir Xylophone Drum - Melody-Musical Instruments-Auris-7340045804038-Stardust-Store

Stir Xylophone Drum - Melody

These are beautiful handmade wooden affordable musical instruments - made in Jarna Sweden.Using a simple circulating hand movement with a mallet you can create harmonious melodies with this beautifully handmade...
Bell Stick with 13 Bells-Musical Instruments-Goki-4013594152808-Stardust-Store

Bell Stick with 13 Bells

Wooden stick with 13 bells. A lovely introduction to musical instruments.   Brand: GokiMeasurements: 18.5 cmAge: 3+   
Goki Tone Block - 4 wooden Balls-Musical Instruments-Goki-4013594359061-Stardust-Store

Goki Tone Block - 4 wooden Balls

Musical stick with 4 wooden balls created by the German brand Goki.   Brand: Goki Length: 16 cm Age 3+