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Yosemite RV-Toy Cars-Candylab-853470008980-Stardust-Store

Yosemite RV

If you love gorgeous vistas, cascading waterfalls, and peaks that make your jaw drop, then our Yosemite RV is perfect for you. This Candylab Yosemite RV, truly embodies the old...
Plumbing Van-Toy Cars-Candylab-853470008812-Stardust-Store

Plumbing Van

Need to unclog a drain or toilet? Never fear, Bob’s Plumbing Van is here! Bob’s Plumbing Van is complete with a rubber plunger, there is no toilet they can’t take...
Beach Bus Sunset-Toy Cars-Candylab-860006893071-Stardust-Store

Beach Bus Sunset

A Beach Bus three ways! The modular, magnetic construction allows for a 3-in-1 configuration, with each style a distinct personality: A workhorse pick-up, a Beach Surf van, or a Camper...
Waffle Van-Toy Cars-Candylab-853470008645-Stardust-Store

Waffle Van

Simply put. Chocolate dipped perfection. We’re getting hungry just thinking about this delicious Waffle Truck. Pair this chocolate dipped Waffle Truck with the Ice Cream Truck and dessert is served.    Brand:...
Ghost-Toy Cars-Candylab-853470008126-Stardust-Store


This is Candylab's boldest design yet, inspired by the pre-WW2 era naval camouflage designed to fool optical targeting. This is a Razzle Dazzle. It's a rare collector item, fiendishly difficult to make...
Malibu Lifeguard Tower-Toy Cars-Candylab-853470008461-Stardust-Store

Malibu Lifeguard Tower

This here is a sweet accessory to any beach themed playset, or discerning shelf. Pastel-painted plywood and rubber lifesaver included. No sand included! Please note: Some assembly is required.  ...
Pretzel Van-Toy Cars-Candylab-853470008393-Stardust-Store

Pretzel Van

You’re knot going to be able to resist our new Dr. Salty Van. Trust us, we’re all twisted up over this one. Our Dr. Salty Van wouldn’t be right without...
Woodie-Toy Cars-Candylab-853470008232-Stardust-Store


The most classic of the classics, this is what legends are made of. With real walnut veneer-paneled sides and a magnet embedded in the roof, it comes with a surfboard...
Big Sur Green-Toy Cars-Candylab-860006893033-Stardust-Store

Big Sur Green

Carved out of solid beechwood with a real metal roof rack, The Big Sur is candylab's clearest nod yet at the bygone era of big, clumsy, and extremely charming vintage American...
Mail Van-Toy Cars-Candylab-853470008973-Stardust-Store

Mail Van

Mail’s here!  Where would we be without our post office workers!  We couldn’t go any longer without creating an iconic Mail Van.  Ready to pick up boxes and letters of...
Blu 74-Toy Cars-Candylab-867648000010-Stardust-Store

Blu 74

A sleek racer, tweaked with black rims, wider rear tires, a fastback cabin and draped in a heart-tugging throwback livery.   Brand: CandylabMaterials: Solid Beech Wood, water-based paint and clear urethane coat.Age...
Cotswold Royal Blue-Toy Cars-Candylab-860006893026-Stardust-Store

Cotswold Royal Blue

In a quest to overcome the rush for your afternoon tea - or tee? Must take the unpaved shortcut? Does your antiquing passion require copious amounts of comfortable travel? The Cotswold has...