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Swedish Art Therapy Painting Paper
Set of 10 PagesSet of 50 Pages

Swedish Art Therapy Painting Paper

$3.00 – $11.00
Heavy quality paper from Sweden. Suitable for watercolours and wet on wet painting. Used by schools and therapists. Known as Swedish Painting Paper and Swedish Therapy Paper.   32x24cm 140...
Rainbow Kite Paper 100 Sheets-Art & Craft Paper-Mercurius-8717718135307-Small-Stardust-Store

Rainbow Kite Paper 100 Sheets

$12.00 – $21.00
Very sturdy wax paper in bright colours. Traditional used for kite making. Also suitable for many other craft ideas, such as window decorations, transparencies, folding stars and lantern making. Due to...
Kindergarten Paint Brush-Paint Brushes-Mercurius-18 mm-Stardust-Store
18 mm20 mm22 mm

Kindergarten Paint Brush

$17.00 – $24.00
Paint brush for wet-on-wet painting. These paint brushes have a slightly shorter handle making them easier for smaller children to hold.
Viscose Sponge for Painting-Paint Tools-Mercurius--Stardust-Store

Viscose Sponge for Painting

This sponge is well suited for watercolour painting. It is made from a mixture of wood and cotton fibres.Taking care to dry it properly after use will ensure it lasts...
Glass Paint Jar - 50 ml-Paint Tools-Mercurius--Stardust-Store

Glass Paint Jar - 50 ml

Jar for Watercolours - 50 ml.A practical jar for watercolours. Left-over colours can be kept in the jar. The lid keeps the colours fresh for many days and they do...
Wooden Paint Jar Holder - 6 x 100 ml-Arts & Crafts-Mercurius-Holder With 6 Glass Jars-Stardust-Store
Holder OnlyHolder With 6 Glass Jars

Wooden Paint Jar Holder - 6 x 100 ml

$15.00 – $26.00
The wooden paint jar holder is ideal for the safe and stable use of 100 ml glass paint jars with lids. Made of European birch wood with a water-based lacquer that draws...
Glue Brush-Arts & Crafts-Mercurius--Stardust-Store

Glue Brush

This Glue Brush is a must-have for any crafty kid. The easy-grip handle is designed for small hands, so they can spread the glue with ease. 
Wooden Curved Postcard Holder - Small-Candle Holders-Mercurius--Stardust-Store

Wooden Curved Postcard Holder

$11.00 – $18.00
Cherish beautiful memories by placing photos or favourite postcards in this beautiful curved postcard holder. The holder is made of Birch wood and is a great addition on the seasonal table....
Japanese Silk Paper Rainbow Coloured - Small-Silk Paper-Mercurius-240 Sheets-Stardust-Store

Japanese Silk Paper

$6.00 – $31.00
Japanese Silk Tissue Paper is a coloured easy to handle transparent paper used for making transparent window stars, window decorations, lanterns and seasonal window scenes. Finer and lighter weight than...
Main Lesson Book Landscape - Small-Notebooks & Notepads-Mercurius-Purple-Stardust-Store

Main Lesson Book Landscape - Small

A book made of high quality heavy 120g chlorine free drawing paper that is excellently suited to wax crayons coloured pencils and ink or Indian ink.The cover is 300g heavy...
Wooden Paint Jar Holder -All Products-Mercurius-Holder Only-Stardust-Store

Wooden Paint Jar Holder

The wooden paint jar holder is ideal for the safe and stable use glass paint jars with lids. Made of European birch wood with a water-based lacquer that draws deeply into...
Greenfield Ink Cartridges
Single10 Pack

Greenfield Ink Cartridges

Refill your pencil with long-lasting, top-of-the-line ink and scribble away in style.