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Rainbow Kite Paper 100 Sheets-Art & Craft Paper-Mercurius-8717718135307-Small-Stardust-Store

Rainbow Kite Paper 100 Sheets

$12.00 – $21.00
Very sturdy wax paper in bright colours. Traditional used for kite making. Also suitable for many other craft ideas, such as window decorations, transparencies, folding stars and lantern making. Due to...
Japanese Silk Paper Rainbow Coloured - Small-Silk Paper-Mercurius-240 Sheets-Stardust-Store

Japanese Silk Paper

$8.00 – $37.00
Japanese Silk Tissue Paper is a coloured easy to handle transparent paper used for making transparent window stars, window decorations, lanterns and seasonal window scenes. Finer and lighter weight than...
Children's Glue 100 ml-Art & Crafting Materials-Mercurius-8177180000495-Stardust-Store

Children's Glue - 100 ml

Ukkie Children's glue is ideal for crafting with small children. It glues paper, cardboard, cork, felt and other light materials. The glue is non-toxic, easily washable from hands and clothes and the glue is...
Glue Brush-Arts & Crafts-Mercurius--Stardust-Store

Glue Brush

This Glue Brush is a must-have for any crafty kid. The easy-grip handle is designed for small hands, so they can spread the glue with ease. 
Wooden ruler-Rulers-Mercurius--Stardust-Store

Wooden ruler

Wooden ruler. Measures inches and centimeters. Dimensions 30cm Made of wood from sustatinable forests.